Uncle Se

Uncle Se Loves Dragons!

A Chinese story from my late teacher, Dr. Shen Hongxun, Taiji Master, Buddhist Lama & Founder of the Taijiwuxigong system

Once upon a time there was an old man whose family name was Se. Because of his great age everyone called him 'Uncle Se'.Uncle Se adored dragons. He loved them so much that he decorated his whole housewith images of dragons: the wallpaper, the dining-set, the furniture, even the fabric ofhis clothing was adorned with images of dragons.

This news spread so far that even the King of the Dragons got to hear of it.


It not only surprised but also pleased the King of the Dragons very much that someone on earth loved dragons, so he decided to visit this extraordinary person.

Curious and interested to see what sort of a person he was, the King of the Dragons travelled from Heaven to Earth, through the sky and the clouds and swooped down and landed in the garden of Uncle Se.

Uncle Se heard a great disturbance in the garden. He went outside to see what was happening and there was the King of the Dragons, sitting on his lawn in all his majesty, huge, scaly, winged and breathing blasts of smoke and fire.

Actually seeing the King of the Dragons terrified Uncle Se and he ran away.

Then the King of the Dragons understood, and realised that this person of the earth only liked the images of dragons and not getting up close with a real Dragon.

Nowadays so many people say they love Taijiquan and Qigong, but exercising can be tiring and difficult and sometimes Qi reactions can be physically strong, mentally confusing or even emotional and alarming.

However, we hope that unlike Uncle Se, you realise that in order to develop, one has to meet the real Dragon through the personal investment of time and effort (Gong or Kung) in study and practice and that the only way to see and become the dragon is to study and practice...........