QigongorChi Kung?

Qigong, Chi Kung, Chi Gong, Kigong, nowadaysall mean the same, often being translated as breath or energy (Qi/Chi/Ki) practice or work (Gong/Kung).

However, in the distant past the Oriental universe was divided into "Qi" and "Xing."Xing was everything you could hold or pick up, rocks, metal, materialstuff. Qi was everything else, wind, ideas, ghosts, thoughts, etc..

Practitioners will often say that "Qigong is thousands of years old." Whilst it is true that some of these exercises have developed over great periods of time, their roots being traceable both in cave paintings from times B.C and in Traditional Chinese Medicine texts, the first recorded modern useage of the term Qigong in the context of breath or energy appears in a medical research paper written in China in the 1950's.

As both Qigong and Chi Kung can have wide ranging meanings, a more accurate definition should perhaps be "Energy, Information, Understanding and Skills, acquired through diligent Practice over a significant period of time".There are endless different kinds of things sold as Qigong, ranging from chemistry to chicanery, gentle to ferocious, meditative to exrtemely physical, medical to martial, lightweight to hardcore and brilliant tocompletelybonkers.

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